We cater to the demands of our clients and their ever-changing requirements. We are truly autonomous and unlike many other investment providers and asset managers, we offer pioneering strategies that are free from any conflict of interest.

Our sole objectives are to offer strategies and asset classes that safely grow, delivering attractive fixed risk-adjust monthly returns. Using our extensive experience we hope to offer capital growth that supports your financial goals.

Trading highly liquid asset classes like forex, futures and stocks we hope to obtain and create unparalleled portfolio diversification:
Our ethos and strategic view is as individual as each client, we offer a bespoke tailored service.

Our Approach

  • The Investment Advisor uses a proprietary trading system that combines false-breakouts, and trend detection strategies. The aim is to identify the existence, beginning or continuation of trends, profiting from short to medium term price movements.
  • The managed account will implement a highly disciplined approach identifying correlation in any security, backed by institutional contributors to all of the components of trade structure, entry and exit points, alongside a strict risk and money management philosophy.
  • The risk management system calculates the possible risk before every trade, optimizing the risk reward ratio by taking into account the size, price and volatility of the currency pairs traded.
  • The strategy uses trail stop losses which follow the market in the direction of a trend or breakout movement. These stop losses are updated at predetermined levels as the markets rise or fall meaning the downside risk is protected and larger profits can still be achieved.
  • Risk is monitored in real time and the trading approach is predominately shorter-term in nature with the entire trading cycle occurring intraday. This eliminates any risk from taking overnight positions, and means that the fund will be 100% liquid at the end of every trading day.
  • The managed account will conform to a maximum Value at Risk (VAR) of 20% (over a one month period with 99% confidence). Daily stop loss limits are in place to ensure that the fund does not exceed its predetermined risk parameters.

Investing with FX Global Management

Some of the many benefits when investing with us

  • Fully Managed Account
  • Monthly % Dividend
  • Exclusive Investment opportunities
  • 24 hour trading
  • Tight Stop-Losses
  • G10 Currencies Trading

Managed Accounts - Advantages

A fully managed account is owned by an individual investor and controlled by us, the appointed professional money manager.
Our managed account has a seven day redemption period. All funds are held with an FCA custodian and all dividend funds payable monthly by direct debit and redemption funds must be sent back to the same bank account you used when funding the account.

To protect our investors, we also operate in a strictly regulated framework. Our customers are asked to sign a mandate specifying the risk limits which are allowed in our trading activity. Moreover, we assist other money managers in starting their business in the right legal environment.

Our experience on the currency market, our financial skills and our methodical approach allow us to generate consistent profits over the years, while we always control the investors deposits volatility by strict risk management.

Our customers get an online access to their personal account

Inorder to better evaluate the potential of our trading on the long run, your equity remains available anytime and you can withdraw all or part of your funds by simply filling a form and requesting a transfer from Barclays to your regular bank account.

Aware of the trust shown by our existing customers who have chosen us to manage their account, we care of being blameless in our relationship with them. As a result, all requests are processed in a maximum delay of 24 hours.

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