Open and manage international currency accounts in order to send, hold and receive payments globally, with all accounts in your name. With the help of our institutional backing and network we’ve integrated this into our system as one.

Available 24/7 via app
Send up to £50,000 or currency equivalent in a matter of minutes. We’ve also made it easy for you to set up future dated and recurring payments.

Simple fees
Depending on the payment method each % fees is based on the transaction at the time, some may be cheaper than others.

Exchange rate certainty
With live rates updated by the second during market hours we’ll provide you with our most up to date exchange rates available, providing you with the certainty and visibility of how much you’re sending.


Safe and secure
With our institutional backing and following regulators guidelines we’ve helped our customers send and receive payments to over 150 different countries/regions.

Debit Cards
Feel free to withdraw to instant funds directly from your account globally. Access to millions of ATM machines globally around the world, take advantage of low fees whilst on holiday.

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