FX Risk Management

There is no lack of suggestions or views as to where exchange rates are heading. However, for those responsible for determining how to handle their currency exposures, in the medium to long term, no one can forecast the currency market accurately.

Despite this, currency buying decisions are very often focused on ‘best guesses’ so businesses remain materially vulnerable to currency risk.
At FX Global Management, we address the issue of volatile exchange rates by designing strategies for managing the three key variables you need to consider: how much? How far ahead? And when?

In doing so, we will help you find the balance between being over and under hedged, and give you greater leverage over the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on your goals and your commercial landscape.

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With a plan in place, many clients would have an element of discretion when purchasing capital. Although evidence suggests that long-term market forecasts are at best inconsistent, we acknowledge that opportunities do exist within a short timeframe and that it is possible to capitalize on them to maximize returns. To do this, our dedicated analysts have detailed and strategic perspectives, directing market entry into the future for up to three months.