The algorithm has been developed and polished over many years, we still adapt and change with the market to continue and always strive to keep optimum performance.

  • RSI – Relative Strength Index
  • Exponential Moving Average’
  • Key Resistance and support
  • Level 2 Split screen Data

When all the above indicators conform within a tolerance level the algorithm executes a trade, this is in the search for repetitive market movements and trigger points.

Why Does It Work So Well?

When the algorithms coded indicators conform within the required tolerance level along with the level 2 split data, the algorithm is believed to have identified the beginning of a market spike or trend.
Due to our very strict risk management and concern with the risk of leveraged accounts and its nature, we incorporate stop losses that are not viewable. Due to level 2 split data (screens where traders can analyse other traders stop losses) we feel it prudent not to show these to the broker or the market. If the client requests that they would like to see them, then we can incorporate them, however we believe that it gives the client a slight disadvantage.
-The algorithm can go as high as 20 pips
It is not easy to identify a trend, even when trading EUR/USD (the most liquid currency pair). So when a trend has been identified the algorithm adds and amplifies the gains. This increases performance and sticks to the oldest trading quote ‘the trend is your friend’.
The algorithm analysis level 2 split data in real time, this gives the algorithm a huge advantage over the entire market, within 200ths of second it can fully understand and digest all the pending market orders, market volumes, stop losses and make simultaneous calculations with the other indicators and conformity in order to make split second market executions and judgment.
Many trend reversals, no market trend defined so continuous hitting of stop losses. Continuous ranging or retraces make the algorithm ineffective. We do however endeavor to reduce this by monitoring ranging periods and reducing the amount of trades executed.
This diversifies risk exposure.
Determining future levels of support can drastically improve the returns of a short-term investing strategy because it gives the algo an accurate picture of what price levels should prop up the price of a given currency pair in the event of a correction. Conversely, foreseeing a level of resistance can be advantageous because this is a price level that could potentially harm a long position because it signifies an area where investors have a high willingness to sell the currency pair. As mentioned above, there are several different methods to choose when looking to identify support/resistance, but regardless of the method, the interpretation remains the same – it prevents the price of an underlying from moving in a certain direction.
Clients can log into their mt4 accounts and see how the algorithm is performing and look at trade history 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

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